Monday, 4 July 2011

Weekly Menu 04/07

Yes ladies and gents, it's the highlight of your week, it's my meal planner!

Monday: Broccoli soup
Tuesday: Breaded cod and asparagus salad
Wednesday: Cauliflower and green bean curry with brown rice
Thursday: Steamed mackerel with mushrooms and spinach
Friday: Undecided

Friday night tends to be treat night in our house, but this week husband will be at the local beer festival, drinking his bodyweight in strong ales and regressing to his 17 year old self. So I get to choose a 'treat' dinner that is entirely what I want. Ordinarily this would be something along the lines of fresh baguette and lovely, lovely cheese, but I don't want to deviate from my healthy eating too drastically. I might stick with the low carb plan and have a rare steak, but I know I'd miss the chips too much.

Any suggestions?

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