Monday, 13 June 2011

'I added a little sausage'

Today I am perusing the web trying to hone a cauliflower soup recipe. I had cauliflower soup once in a restaurant which was so unbelievably good that I am now on a one woman crusade to replicate it. So it sounds a bit dull, I accept the criticism. Anyhow this has lead me to stumble upon some of the best examples of a practice I call 'recipejacking'. You will undoubtedly be familiar with this phenomenon if you ever read recipes that encourage readers to provide feedback. Much of the time you get useful comments on perhaps reducing the cooking time, or offering alternatives for hard to find ingredients. Sometimes readers will feedback saying that they didn't have any double cream so substituted with creme fraiche or similar. This is all FINE. The remaining commenters however...

'This recipe was great, I made a few changes. I didn't add any garlic as my mum is allergic to it. Also left out the cream and instead added coriander, basil and a can of tomatoes'

Hmm? So you basically made some soup that shared an ingredient with the original and thought you'd tell us all about it here? Congratulations, you utter moron.

'Really not keen on this soup. I don't like cauliflower so we subbed for carrots. Totally bland flavour. DO NOT MAKE'

How generous of you to take time out to warn us about this terrible recipe THAT YOU MADE UP.

But this is my favourite comment I found today, I don't think it needs any further comment from me.

If you are after simple this is it. I added garlic, jalapeños, fresh tomatoes, creamed corn and sausage


So my meander around the detritus of the Internet commenter has resulted in a recipe that I have high hopes for. As always I have taken the best from my research and this is what we have.

Cauliflower Soup
 1 large onion
2 cloves garlic
2 rashers of unsmoked streaky bacon
1 head of cauliflower
Parmesan rind
400ml Low salt chicken stock (or regular stock made with extra water)
200ml milk

Chop and sautée the onion until softened (in butter I reckon is best)
Snip up the bacon and add to the onions, cook until the fat starts to render
Add garlic and cook for 2 mins
Chop and add the cauliflower, Parmesan and stock.
Simmer for 20 mins or until the cauliflower is very tender
Add the milk, remove the parmesan rind and blend until smooth
Season with salt and plenty of pepper

It's not quite up there with TheGreatestSoupEverTasted, but I'm getting there. Perhaps if I just add a little sausage, and dill...

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  1. 'You utter moron' is one of my favourite phrases! And *so* appropriate in this case!!!